5 GG icons

New Icons! without photoshop again, so sorry u_u ...You know, same rules as ussual, comment and credit on the keywords as kotsu_chan ^^ thank you!

Inu Yasha (10)
Bankotsu x3, BanJak x1, Jakotsu x1, Inu Yasha and Bankotsu x1, Kagura x1, Kikyö x2.

Guilty Gear (5)
ABA x2, Anji x, Baiken x1, Chipp x1.

Naruto -spanish- (3)
Sasunaru x1, Gaara x1.

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12 icons!

Icons!! 4 yaa! :D i have also fix the old animated icons >_<U if you want to pic them, comment and credit, ok?... also there's some icons that could be used as bases -_-U no ideas for the text...

Behind the cut:
Guilty Gear: Anji, Faust, Bridget.
- Old ones (animated) : Japanese style, Bridget (x2), Sol/Ky
- Bases stick ppl: Anji, Baiken, Axl, May.
- One for the GGfic community >_>

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More icons ^^u

Here, more icons! yay! i love make icons! *O* i hope u like them.... you know, comment and credit, right? ^_~

Behind the cut:

Guilty Gear:
- Sol/Ky
- Girls (Dizzy, May, Milia, Jam, Baiken)
- A.B.A (x4)
- I-no
- Dizzy
- Ky
- Sol
- Chipp
- Anji
- Venom
- Bridget

- Haku
- SasuNaru

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So, um. Here are some icons. C:
2 Fausts, a Bridget, a Ky, a May, and uhm... sort of... a Sol. Sort of.

(p.s.: check the filenames to see my INNER CONFLICT with each icon. except bridget's. i guess i had no inner conflict there. D: )

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DMC • let it breakthrough


As formerly promised, I actually got myself off my ass and started cropping lots of pictures of the Guilty Gear girls to make icons with. After saving all of them, I found that my favorite one was one of Dizzy. So I re-opened the picture, and started cropping the hell out of it. So there are lots of icons of Dizzy from the same picture. I loved the picture because it truly shows how much pain she lives.

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Most of the text is illegible for a reason. If you'd like to know what it says, leave me an note and I'll tell you. Remember to comment, take and credit. Thanks.

edit. I'm so bad. Credits for the gradients go to crumblingwalls and the credits to the textures go to lvlwings. Bad me.
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